Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about

What does your service stand for? is the service aimed at providing help to everyone who needs expert writer's assistance in original content writing, or probably has a personally written text that needs to be proofread by someone like one of our editors. The list of the services starts from the plain articles, social media posts and ends with the solid and complicated business presentations, or manuals, etc.

Is my writer going to be a native speaker?

You can easily find your writer at not only from USA, but from other countries like UK and Australia. You have an access to the profiles of all our writers and can easily learn the background, the experience, and any other helpful information about the writers who applied for your order.

Are you sure to send me a confirmation email?

Confirmation emails are always sent automatically. After 5 minutes of anticipation, please look for the letter into your spam folder. If it's not there, restart your mailbox or tab. If it also didn't work, at the very least, get us in touch by email

Can I restore my lost password quickly?

Sure! It's going to take not long, just go here.

Is it a private process working with you?

Have no doubts! We do have a Privacy Policy document to secure you, your personality, and the entire process of ordering with us.

To know more about orders

What is the deadline for my work? How fast can I get my order?

Your order can be ready by one of our writers as soon as 8 hours pass. We have no shorter deadline than this one, but you can benefit even from this short time frame. But all rules can have some exceptions! So, if you need to get your work faster than in 8 hours, chat with your writer and discuss it – the deadline depends not on the service, but rather on the writer.

Can you help me around-the-clock?

Unlike our managers who work by their own schedule, the writers are the ones who work almost 24/7. Why almost? We mean that you will be able to find the writer for your needs here even late in the night, because some freelance writers like to work after the sunset. Or others live in another time zone. Nevertheless, the writer that has already been hired by you cannot be available always just because he or she needs to sleep just as well as you do.

The writer has a rating. Does it mean a lot?

Rating is important, but not as crucial thing as it may seem at first glance. Sure, it is always formed on the basis of the client's “likes” who already tried this or that writer. This is why we always ask our clients to be as much adequate as possible while estimating the writer's proficiency.

I have some files about my order. Can I send them all to my writer?

You simply must do this! The writer chosen by you should know every little thing about your order. How can you send them to your writer? Simply upload your additional files while in your Control Panel. These files can be the sources, the various templates, or the examples, etc. Otherwise, you can easily send them to, include your order number and they will be transferred to your writer.

I'd like to contact my writer. How can I do this?

Our writers are open to communication with you privately. You can chat with the writers who have already applied for your order or with the one who is currently working on your order. It is possible to do through your personal Control Panel.

Why my writer can be silent when I need to specify anything?

As all our writers can work in a different time zone than you live in, he or she may be offline at the moment when you want to get in touch. As we already mentioned, we have the writers not only from USA, but from UK or Australia. Just in case you can no longer wait for a reply, please get in touch with our Support and they will try to contact the writer immediately.

I received my order, but I need some changes in my text. Is it possible?

Sure! Your writer will not give up on you until you're satisfied with the result. Just contact him or her and underline what exactly you would like to change and how.

I definitely need to get my order on time. Will I?

The writer is always trying to meet your deadline. To be safe, ask your writer to upload the very first version of the work before the deadline to see the content. This way you will save time and the writer will do the final version 100% correctly.

Do you have an option that allows hiring the same writer again?

Absolutely! So many clients are hiring the same writer again and again that some of them soon will become their personal writers on the specific topics. We are so happy about it that we launched an option of the previous writer. To use it, you just need to look for the writer in the list and “Hire” him or her.

Can I hire a writer late at night? Are your writers available at night?

Yes! Some writers do not sleep when it is night outside your window just because they can live in the different time zones or simply like to work at nights when others prefer to sleep. So, we're sure you'll be able to find an expert on your topic marked as Online.

To know more about payment

Do I have to pay for placing an order at

Ordering with us is absolutely free as well as registering. The payment is necessary only after you found the suitable writer, discussed all the details, and pressed “Hire” button.

Is it possible to pay after I see my text?

Unfortunately, no! All the services at should be paid before the writer starts working on the order. In fact, the writer gets the funds only after you press a “Confirm” button, which means that you are satisfied with the order completed for you.

I can pay with both debit and credit cards. Which one is preferable?

It's better to use your bank card to pay with PayPal. Currently this is the payment system we prefer using.

Is it possible to pay through PayPal?

Definitely! PayPal payments are now more than normal just because we're using it as a main payment system.

If I want my money back, can I get it? How?

You can, but it depends. If such situation occurred that you want to get your money back, please get your writer personally in touch and ask to stop working on your order (of course if it happened before your order is ready). If the writer haven't started working on it yet, but you do not need your order to be completed, ask the writer not to start the process of writing (in this case you get 100% money back). If the text is ready and you're not happy, open a dispute, so that our dispute manager could give you an information about a refund you are eligible for.