Build a Fair Price for Your Order at

Taking care of you as our customer means taking care of your budget. This way, we have launched such great system that allows you to decide on the price you are ready to pay, no penny extra.

The process is easy with us – you place your order with details and wait until the writers apply for it. After you see some of them want to work on your order, you need to make the right decision – choose only one of them. At this very moment the price may be that crucial point that will make you take a decision.

What are the main factors that may build the final price for your order?

Type of
Scope of
and complexity

Take into account each of them when you wait for the writers to react on your offer. Do not forget, though, to walk in the writers’ shoes too. Each of them went through not that simple online testing that determined whether they are worth writing for you or not.

But be sure that if the writer is in our database, this means he or she proved to be a super professional with the necessary background, skills, and experience. So, choose wisely and remember that all our experts share with you their time, knowledge, and inspiration. Each of them is an artist and a unique creator who deserves to be paid enough for the work done.

Make your choice today. Pay tomorrow

Unlike other writing services, allows you to pay for your order after you decide on the writer to cooperate with. Before taking the final decision, make sure to:

  • chat with each writer who applied for your order
  • make the list of questions and ask all of them
  • discuss the details and see that everything is clear for your writer
  • specify the deadline correctly and the time you want to see the first and final versions

Easy, right?

Only after you feel that you have found the right candidate for your writing assignment, you can get ready to pay for the order. Such procedure was made for your convenience. Let’s say you placed an order, paid for it, and then wandering the list of the writers to choose one. This may take time, which is actually the deadline for your work. But the way it is now you can be sure that you lose nothing.

You can easily pay only after you hire the writer for your order. We think that’s fair